Bamtec is the result of an advanced technology, which makes it possible to design bespoke mats made of steel bars placed in a unidirectional direction connected and kept in position by sheet metal strips. The composition of each Bamtec mat can be customised in every detail: the centre distance, diameter, length and position of each bar are entirely variable. The final reinforcement will be provided by overlapping several appropriately spaced and positioned mats. Taking the plan of the floor to be reinforced as a starting point, a special software automatically designs each element of the mat, determining exactly the position, the length and the diameter of the individual bars. The unique Bamtec system allows a saving of up to 40% on the cost of reinforcements, thanks to the option to freely choose diameters and distances between the bars, without wasting material.

Siders Sipe is the exclusive BAMTEC producer and authorised dealer for Italy.

Laying method

The laying surface, containing the plant and the indications for the positioning and unrolling of the mat, together with the production surface, with the data relating to each individual element to be made, provide the production plant with all the elements needed to automatically produce a Bamtec mat with accuracy to the millimetre.

Bamtec mats can be easily transported on site in traditional full load TIRs and they are even easier to lay. Following the laying surface, simply place the roll in the designated position and unroll it. In a few seconds, roll weighing up to a ton and a half can be laid with absolute precision with a minimum number of staff, allowing time savings of up to 90% for reinforcing work. The extreme quality of the positioning and the ease of laying make the work on site easier, faster and safer, with a further time saving for work on rough structures of up to 30%.

Sider Sipe offers consultancy during the design and installation phase on site thanks to an expert in-house firm of qualified professional engineers specialised in BAMTEC technology that support the client from
planning to implementation.

Work carried out

Bamtec system technology can be easily applied to every project.
Proof of this is the over 500,000 square metres of flooring made in Italy, in important public and private works:

Hospital Facility
Settimo Torinese

20,000 sq m of flooring reinforced with Bamtec
Orion Scarl company

Golf Club Hotel complex
Monte Argentario

135,000 sq m of flooring reinforced with Bamtec
Orsini company

Brico Shopping Centre
Bufalotta, Rome

15,300 sq m of flooring reinforced with Bamtec
IMAR company

Palazzo Fiorito building

19,000 sq m of flooring reinforced with Bamtec
Cavani CO.MO.TE company

Underground car park
Piazza Beccaria, Florence

10,000 sq m of flooring reinforced with Bamtec
Project Construction Company

Student residence and underground car park
Via Maragliano, Florence

30,000 sq m of flooring reinforced with Bamtec
Barberinese Cooperative Building Company

Freight Terminal of Nola Service Centre
Project by the architect Renzo Piano

51,000 sq m of flooring reinforced with Bamtec
Grandi Lavori Fincosit company