Our steel product B450A is available in a range of diameters from 5-10 mm in coils or bars. It is manufatured through a cold-forming process of wire rod from the most qualified steelworks. This quality of steel is particularly suitable in the transversal reinforcing, even in the critical areas of the beams and pillars of reinforced concrete structures. The cold-rolled reinforcing steel B450A offers a perfect calibrated section and is extremely easy to apply. The steel B450A has good ductility and it is made to extremely precise dimensions in order to avoid waste of product. The cold-rolled reinforcing steel B450A is ideal for use with the best performing cut and bending machines, because it guarantees high homogeneity of mechanical properties, excellent workability and low wear and tear of the straightening and bending components. Our cold-rolled reinforcing steel B450A is qualified by Servizio Tecnico Centrale del Consiglio Superiore dei Lavori Pubblici.

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